Recap: Biotopia #1 | Asking again?!

Which are the reasons to work in the City? Is there anything that makes working in villages or close to nature more attractive? During the talks during the first week of Biotopia different reasons, visions and ideals where explained. In the end, the most important factor is to have an affordable space to rehearse, create, get inspired and have a surrounding that inspires the work and the artists. The decision if this happens in the city or in the woods is highly influenced by the possibilities of acquiring such a space. Of course, some forms of art are more linked to urban spaces while other artists search the natur caused by their direct link of work to the “material”. Utopia?! – A network of different institutions, places and artists that are able to provide affordable spaces in different conditions for different forms of art and the various stages of work, that can be inspired by the changing surroundings.


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