Recap: Biotopia #1 | Artistic work?!

The second evening of the first week of Biotopia was dealing with questions around artistic work: How does creativity evolve? Where do the subjects of art come from? How does the founding influence the subjects of work? What about hierarchy in artistic processes? What about ensembles vs working solo? – Very different approaches where gathering at the table of Westflügel that night. Freedom is probably the word to sum up the most trains of thought: Working on the subjects that matter for the artists in their connection to the current situations of society. Having control on the modes of hierarchy and ensemble/solo work in the light of the subject and form of work that is planned to evolve. A socio-cultural project might need different forms of hierarchy than a small project done by artists who worked before and a large group might use different processes than a small one. Having the chance to adopt freely to what the “project” itself demands, is a big luxury. Having the possibility to adopt to forms and subjects of founders, in cooperating the ideas from other institutions – but as well having the chance to gather money for projects which are not connected to any themes, is a wish for a lot of different people as well. Just a small glimpse in the wide fields of Biotopia.


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