Final Week – Program


Thursday | November 09th:

18:00  insight into rehearsal
19:00  Keynote, Snacks and Drinks
21:00  Original IsrAvantgarde songs and covers | Ari Teperberg, Avshalom Ariel and Tomer Damsky [ISR]

Friday | November 10th:                                                           

10:00  discussion I                     Intercultural cooperation   
12:00  discussion II                    Curating and being curated
15:00  discussion III                   Freedom vs. subsidies?!
17:00  discussion IV                   Utopia and Echo chamber
20:00  Figurentheater | presentation | Grupa Coincidentia [PL], Lehmann und Wenzel, Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel
22:00  drinks in the froelich & herrlich bar

Saturday | November 11th:

10:00  discussion V                    Working methods, creativity and breeding ground
12:00  discussion VI                   Hierarchy in (theater) work
15:00  discussion VII                  Political vs. politics 
17:00  discussion VIII                 The freedom of the reception
20:00  And my heart almost stood still | Ari Teperberg
22:00  drinks in the froelich & herrlich bar

The discussions are open to the public, participation is free of charge. The performances are available at the usual prices (€ 12 / €8). The central language of the conversations will be English due to international guests but translations are possible upon request. Visiting individual program points is possible, a more constant participation is of course preferable. To register please write to

Photo: Thilo Neubacher


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