Leipzig | November 2017

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Thursday | November 09th:

18:00  insight into rehearsal
19:00  Keynote, Snacks and Drinks
21:00  Original IsrAvantgarde songs and covers | Ari Teperberg, Avshalom Ariel and Tomer Damsky [ISR]

Friday | November 10th:                                                           

10:00  discussion I                     Intercultural cooperation   
12:00  discussion II                    Curating and being curated
15:00  discussion III                   Freedom vs. subsidies?!
17:00  discussion IV                   Utopia and Echo chamber
20:00  Figurentheater | presentation | Grupa Coincidentia [PL], Lehmann und Wenzel, Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel
22:00  drinks in the froelich & herrlich bar

Saturday | November 11th:

10:00  discussion V                    Working methods, creativity and breeding ground
12:00  discussion VI                   Hierarchy in (theater) work
15:00  discussion VII                  Political vs. politics 
17:00  discussion VIII                 The freedom of the reception
20:00  And my heart almost stood still | Ari Teperberg
22:00  drinks in the froelich & herrlich bar

The discussions are open to the public, participation is free of charge. The performances are available at the usual prices (€ 12 / € 8). The central language of the conversations will be English due to international guests but translations are possible upon request. Visiting individual program points is possible, a more constant participation is of course preferable. To register please write to

 Detailed Program

Friday | November 10th:                                                           

10:00  discussion I                        Intercultural cooperation

Intercultural cooperation is on everyone’s lips, and is a topic which often receives public support. But what does intercultural cooperation mean? What is the motivation for cross-border projects? Are there common problems? How can we co-operate on an equal footing?

12:00  discussion II                      Curating and being curated

For theater schedules, exhibitions, festivals and so on it is necessary to choose from a variety of projects, artists and works. How does such a process take place? What are the benchmarks for choosing and what is it like on the opposite side? What expectations and wishes do artists bring with them?

15:00  discussion III                     Freedom vs. subsidies?!

Work in the off-scene is in constant relation to the funding system: Different funding organizations ask for different things. Do subsidies restrict theater work or make it possible to work more freely? How much do subsidies affect the work? What are our obstacles, wishes and visions?

17:00  discussion IV                     Utopia and Echo chamber

Is working with art and culture always coupled with utopian visions and ideals? Which tasks would, can and should be taken on by off-scene theater? How is art related to the phenomenon of the filter bubble and the echochamber? What is “Hochkultur” in times of Instagram? A look at that today.

20:00  Figurentheater | presentation | Grupa Coincidentia [PL], Lehmann und Wenzel, Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel

22:00  drinks in the froelich & herrlich bar

Saturday | November 11th:

10:00  discussion V                      Working methods, creativity and breeding ground

What processes are required to make free artistic work? What visions and desires are linked to these working methods? What frameworks promote creative exchange and how can they be set in place?

12:00  discussion VI                     Hierarchy in (theater) work

The free scene is often less rigid in its structures and methods of working and attempts quite often to break through strictly hierarchical systems. What organizational structures do we want for our work? Is hierarchy a necessary evil?  A solution or an obstacle? How can we and how do we want to work together?

15:00  discussion VII                     Political vs. politics   

Political art is an often and willingly used term – often meant as a kind of added value and justification for art. But what makes art political? Can art be a form of politics without being political? What about ideology, racism, sexism, cultural appropriation and political correctness?

17:00  discussion VIII                    The freedom of the reception

“I did not understand that!”  Handling the public, as well as the press, the sponsors and colleagues in the realm of art is rarely computable. What happens when public judgment meets art? What significance do the artists give to this? What do artists and the public expect from each other?

20:00  And My Heart Almost Stood Still | An interrupted solo, inspired by Beethoven’s 9th symphony and a letter from Helen Keller | Ari Teperberg [ISR]

22:00  drinks in the froelich & herrlich bar

Participants + Guests

Participants + Guests

Anna Andraka – journalist, now-copywriter (PL)

Paweł Chomczyk – Grupa Coincidentia (Solniki / Białystok)

Marie Dresler – visual arist (Hamburg)

Robert Drobniuch – director Teatr Lalki i Aktora “Kubuś” (Kielce)

Dana Ersing  integration work / bar manager / Westflügel (Leipzig)

Peter Fargas

Markus Gebhardt

Kerstin Herrlich

Bogna Grazyna Jaroslawski

Jonas Klinkenberg – cultural manager / director / Westflügel (Leipzig)

Sabrina Kohl

Bill Kohler

Marcel Kurzidim – Synchrontheater (Leipzig)

Max Latinski

Samira Lehmann – Lehmann und Wenzel / Westflügel (Leipzig)

Liesbeth Nenoff – student at puppet academy Stuttgart (D)

Thilo Neubacher – video artist / photographer / Westflügel (Leipzig)

Jana Nowak – press and public relations

Yvonne Meyer – cultural manager / Projektschrauber (Leipzig)

Mark Rabe – Dramaturge

Matthias Schiffner – dramaturg / press officer / Westflügel (Leipzig)

Eva Maria Schneider

Dagmara SowaGrupa Coincidentia (Solniki / Białystok)

Matthias Stuba

Ari Teperberg performing artist – (ISR)

Michael Vogel – Figurentheater Wilde&Vogel / Westflügel (Leipzig)

Janne Weirup – cultural organizer / director / at.tension Festival / Westflügel (Leipzig)

Stefan Wenzel – Lehmann und Wenzel / Westflügel (Leipzig)

Charlotte Wilde – Figurentheater Wilde&Vogel / Westflügel (Leipzig)

Emily Zuch – visual artist / Westflügel (Leipzig)




(photocredits: Thilo Neubacher)